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You will love this fluffy, healthy, fragrant and flavorful recipe of Chicken Chilaquiles that you can create within 10 minutes. You are recommended to use fresh Mexican cheese for an authentic touch. This enriched recipe will fulfill your protein needs and energy requirement. This could be the perfect post workout meal.…

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Pecan Portrait

Pecan Portrait

Pecan pie recipe…

All images and textures are my own.

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This rasam powder recipe helps to prepare rasam in a breeze. All the spices that are used while preparing rasam are combined and grinded into rasam powder, just add few teaspoons of this powder to the tamarind – tomato base, give a boil and your rasam is ready. If you are an office goer or a busy homemaker, you can sun dry the ingredients for 2 to 3 days and grind it, no dry roasting is needed which saves your time. For the past couple of years only, I am preparing rasam powder on my own, before that I used to buy commercial packets. But I feel it is expensive too and we don’t get the aroma as we get in homemade rasam powder / podi.

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Split pea soup

Split pea soup

A delicious, healthy, textured split pea soup recipe made from an impossibly short list of ingredients. Vegetarian, no ham hocks in this version. the same nutritional benefits – a good amount of vegetable protein and plenty of staying power. It is hearty and filling, and even better reheated later in the day.

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